Growth - in Progress

Onyinye Chi

2016 - Ongoing

Nigeria; Los Angeles, California, United States; Belize City, Belize, Belize

I have presented a series of images, which represent my growth as an artist and an individual. I have submitted images that played an important role in bringing where I am today. Images that have been monumental in guiding my journey as an artist. Images that when created, forced me to create outside my comfort zone.

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  • Mentally (Ill)uminated

  • Behind Every Great Man

  • Uncertainly Bright Futures

  • Cascading

  • Dysfunctional Family Matters

  • A Force

  • The Arisas

  • See Him

  • Daddy Duty

  • Underestimate Them, Never

  • Favorite Things

  • Avert Your Gaze

  • The Daily Mundane

  • Protection, yet freedom

  • Nigerian Seamstress

  • Hydro Plant