The hidden side of the Queen

Nelson Morales

2018 - Ongoing

I have photographed sexual diversity for the past 11 years. During this period of time I have experienced different approaches and cultures, especially with my Muxe Culture in Oaxaca Mexico.

The dark side of the queen is a series that I started in 2018 in which I continue to explore the sexual diversity of my community in Oaxaca, with the crowns of my characters. All of them have dreamed of becoming queen sometime in life. It is something very important in the life of the Muxes. It is a dream that must be to achieved no matter what it costs. And even for me it was once a dream. In the middle of fabrics, glitters, colors, beautiful crowns and fake diamonds I make human forms under the fabrics, simulating a face that could be any of us that we have ever had a great dream to realize.

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