Natasha Gor

2018 - Ongoing


My back hurts. Sometimes she crunches and makes me uncomfortable. I decided to dedicate this project to people with the same back problems. Scoliosis (especially in women) is a global disease in the 21st century, which is not paid attention by medicine. Therefore, people are forced to cope with this disease on their own and look for alternative solutions. But even with a curved back, we are all beautiful.

This series of works contains portraits of women with back problems. Some characters treat their backs, go to the gym or do yoga, but some do not do scoliosis because they consider this problem not very important. We are all different. But we all agree on one thing. You can live with scoliosis. Any deviation from the norm makes a person unique. It is impossible to be the perfect woman of the 21st century. It's boring. It is much more difficult to be yourself and benefit from your deviations.

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  • Svetlana after a massage

  • Pauline's shoulder blades

  • Pauline's shoulder blades. Frame 2

  • Sonya's portrait

  • Different distortions, photo №2

  • Nastya. Vertebrae

  • Aikui's back

  • Nastya. Porter at the bend of the spine

  • Portrait of Aykui. She has a curvature of the spine due to playing the violin

  • Nastya. Portrait of a strong back

  • Different distortions

  • Me. Self-portrait after 1 year of sports

  • Portrait of Polina after fracture

  • Portrait of Nastya

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