How Water Shapes Earth

Milan Radisics

2018 - Ongoing

Iceland; Spain; Italy; Azerbaijan; France

How Water Shapes Earth - essay examining the evolution of Earth’s waterways

The aerial point of view gives us the ability to observe our landscapes from a new perspective. Muddy marshes, winding estuaries, melting glaciers, and dried-out river beds all form their own signature abstract shapes.

Project Water.Shapes.Earth hopes to inspire awe, as well as provoke the public to face the destructive tendencies that we have toward our environment.

Starting in Iceland, I explores shrinking glaciers and braiding rivers before paying homage to thriving lakes, rivers, and creeks. As the narrative continues, water and land collide with visions of lagoons and marshes before giving way to the realities of man’s imprint on these bodies of water.

Moving full circle, we end with dry waterways—river beds only recognizable by their sinewy curves filled with new green vegetation. The space left behind runs like cracks across the surface of once fertile land, an ominous look at what lays ahead as water retreats.

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