The Stages of Negro Grief

Miisha Nash



This project, is a direct response to my frustration, angst and anxiety felt in the recent months (years, decades...) from the ever-present institutional racism and assault terrorized upon black folks in America. The reality of more senseless killings amid a worldwide pandemic, has coerced me into a political state of mind. We continue to experience trauma and once again collectively recognize the absolute need to acknowledge and heal.

The beloved Toni Morrison got me thinking: what is my role as an artist now and how do I express myself? Fueled by emotions, I multiple myself within the frame as a way to be surrounded, uplifted and in the presence of a community of kindred spirits.

For the reclamation of who we are; our soul glow. And what we provide with the energy we bring forth everyday.

Isolated at home during the nationwide quarantine, I created each photo with found objects. And I act as both the photographer and subject.This is a cathartic expression of what grief looks and feels like for me as I process the information consumed on a daily basis.

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