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Landscape, War & Conflicts, Documentary

"There are some wounds that cannot be healed". Following this sentence I'm exploring the area of Ypres Salient searching for what remains today of that tragedy.

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4 islands. a metaphysical journey trough the center of the world.

Landscape, Travel, Fine Art

4 islands. A metaphysical journey through the center of the world, i.e. 41

black and white photographs of Trapani and his coast and of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo: the Egadi Islands.

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A dark night. images from the Jungle of Calais

Social Issues, Contemporary Issues, Documentary

"Every night I try but no chance" is maybe the most common expression in The Jungle of Calais.

A guy invites me in his tent, we drink a tea and we talk for a while.

Tonight, like every night he will try to reach Great Britain. Outside is raining. We shake hands and I said: "Goodluck!"

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The Salient.

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