Luz Mala (Bad Light)

Melisa Scarcella

2014 - 2017


“Luz Mala” (Bad Light) is an emotional work, which has its origin in the metaphysical questioning of the connection between life and death.

We relate, feel and love on this earthly plane. But what happens when one of the loved ones leaves it? And what happens with unconditional love beyond the physical presence of the body?

“Luz Mala” reflects on the feelings between two brothers who do not share space-time today, but whose bond cannot be destroyed.

My work blends in body and soul the spirit, the pain and the trauma, all combined with a self-referential burden of deep and intimate narrative.

In the West we have so many ties, the most important one with our own lives, without knowing what is beyond or understanding why we were born, why we are alive or why we are going to die.

“Luz Mala” exposes the deepest, mature and sacred love, while suffering the beauty of horror, the nightmare portrayed with an unexpected and overwhelming beauty.

I photograph to take away the pain that I carry in my body, to heal me, to cry until my tears are all dried up, to die.

Then, I immerse myself into the depth of my imaginary, I touch bottom and “Luz Mala” emerges.

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