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The two headed horse

Portrait, Contemporary Issues, Fine Art

After my father’s suicide when we were 14 years-old, the lives of my twin sister and my mother, as well as my own, changed radically.

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Portrait, Contemporary Issues, Fine Art

Photography is our exorcism

Jean Baudrillard

Thanatology asserts that not seeing the dead body of our beloved ones prevents us from accepting their death.

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About Mariela


Mariela Sancari is an argentinian photographer living in Mexico City for 16 years.

She examines personal relationships related to memory and the thin and elusive line dividing memories and fiction. Having a twin sister is determinant in her vision and way of experiencing the world. That is why she is interested in the notion of otherness and uses fiction as her primary tool to represent the contents of the vast and deep tunnels of the unconscious.

Age 41
Born in Mexico City, Mexico
Based in Mexico City, Mexico