I have to find my Freedom in Mortification

Maria Krymskaya

2018 - Ongoing

As many knows, Russia is a place that is striving hard and cruelly to expand its own borders. But few know that at the same time, every year it squeezes more and more opportunities and borders of its citizens.

With my project “I have to find to find my Freedom in Mortification” I want to explore the frontiers in the life of Russian women.

Working on this topic, I felt that regardless of age, appearance, and profession, most of them invariably feel the pressure of the system, and every day they are subjected to humiliation from society.

They have already been deprived of the right to talk about what is important for them, their feelings and inclinations should fit into the rules strictly defined by the state, their merits will not be recognized if they exceed the success of male colleagues. The latest laws introduced in Russia are aimed at increasing the birth rate by restricting the rights of women.

The system of laws in Russia is now set to suppress such problems as rape, family abuse and the impossibility of abortion, harassment, and discrimination in a professional sense. As a rule, if a woman decides to go to the police after such cases, she not only does not find support and protection but, on the contrary, becomes a priori guilty. Russia is actively promoting the role of women in society as a supplement to a man and a breeding device.

Awareness of this cultivates fear in most girls from an early age.

Strong women seeking to grow, think, develop, are often faced with a choice: to go against the system and break artificially set boundaries under real risk of physical consequences or humbly go in and self-lock themselves in a cell of psychological hardship.

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