Universe through the snapshot

Margarita Khatmullina

2020 - Ongoing

According to the theory of physicist David Joseph Bohm, the material world, from elementary particles to stars, does not have its own reality, but is a projection of the deep level of the universe. The universe is described as a unified implicitly intertwined giant flowing hologram or holomovement. Like a hologram, where each piece contains information about the whole object, so each part of the world we perceive contains a total structure implicitly 'enfolded' within it.

The universe is enfolded within the person himself. Each cell of our body contains the entire hidden cosmos. The same is true about a speck of dust, a drop of rain, a leaflet on a tree and everything we see around us.

In my project, I use computers images of modern instruments (X-ray, CT, MRI, PET). Particularly the analysis of these images showed the presence of oncology damages in the body of two people close to me. Carcinoma (breast cancer) is revealed as a «Big Bang» in tissue cells of human body on a CT scan.

Some photographs were deliberately exposed to external influence of household chemicals, just as we are exposed to all kinds of invisible hazards such us viruses, bacteria, free radicals and name it, without knowing it.

Also, in project I use pictures taken with an electron microscope of physical objects - various alloys, screenshots of documentary films about space.

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