Predetermined Journey

Mankichi Shinshi

2017 - Ongoing

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India; Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka; Nepal

I have traveled in various countries so far and have taken photos of the city in search of new sceneries. And I saw the photos many times and often uploaded them on the internet. Of course, I thought I have done all of them with my own will. However, there are things I noticed while watching at articles on the internet where my photos were posted. Perhaps, the traveller is not me, but the sceneries. Like a honeybee is used as a means of pollination of plants without knowing, I was used as a scenery carrier. Sceneries will be duplicated and diffused as photograph, inviting people to travel, and gradually evolve like living things in the course of its repetition. And the more I became conscious of such a thing, the more ambiguous the boundary between "taking photos with my will" and "taking photos by pressure from something", and the relation between the sceneries and myself have become awkward. The photos that I have definitely taken one by one, seem like a record of someone else's journey. (taken somewhere in South Asia)

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