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Portrait, Contemporary Issues, Fine Art, Daily Life

Autobiography is a personal project inspired by real facts of the author's daily life, in which the viewer can interpret his own story

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Inmigracion Lgtb in Buenos Aires

Portrait, Social Issues, Contemporary Issues

"When I arrived in buenos aires I was 23 years old, today I am 37, for the first time I could go to gay disco or enter a hotel with another man, in Peru I could not have done it."

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Las visitantes

Portrait, Daily Life, Social Issues, Contemporary Issues

el proyecto retrata mujeres de manera conceptual, antes del ingreso al centro penitenciario. Ellas pueden ser madres, esposas, hijas o hermanas que sin importar el estigma, adversidades, controles policiales que incluyen marcas y sellos en sus brazos cada domingo son fieles a sus familiares.

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Contemporary Issues, Documentary, Daily Life

Approximately 3500 women flock to the Picsi penitentiary of the city of Chiclayo on Sunday to visit husbands, parents, children and siblings many times regardless of the long lines, the humiliating revivals, love can do more

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