As of a dream

Melodie Lamotte d'Incamps

2018 - Ongoing

“Poetry, unusual and fifth element, sows its planets in man's inner sky, providing them with a space to be better seen and a way out to disappear(…)” René Char

The poetry of the unusual always attracts me like a magnet. As if looking through a looking glass, this body of work focuses on the unusual. The door in front of the sea is an invitation to the dream. It is the rabbit hole from the well known story.

Between strangeness and realism: it’s a journey on what seems to be almost a different realm but is still anchored in our reality. Sometime it’s just a detail that seems slightly off or out of place. At other time the photograph is almost confusing. Those strange elements or atypic landscapes whose origine often seems unknown might make believe that those images were taken elsewhere. Nevertheless, the materiality of the scene goes together with the unfamiliar feeling.

As a photographic project, it is by nature a capture of the real. If many photographers play with this idea and create chimeric or entirely fabricated universe. It is not the case here. Some images appear as a trickery, almost as a drawing. Nevertheless, it is not a surrealist vision made through softwares or a photomontage game but a singular detail or a landscape unexpected but real.

Those images open the door of the imagination to get lost within. It’s an invitation to the elsewhere.

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