Kent Treble Bob

Luke Withers

2015 - 2016

Wales, United Kingdom

Prior to modern communication methods, people encountered only one set of stories. In today’s Globalised society we encounter multiple narratives. This causes the traditional beliefs to be continually challenged by stories from other Religions and Sciences, which attempt to provide alternative meanings.

Traditionally, Church bells have played an important role in the transmission of messages from the Church to the Congregation, being favoured for their ability to carry information over long distances. ‘Kent Treble Bob’ examines the nature of communication in the modern Church by exploring the active bellringing community at St Woolos Cathedral, who operate the largest Peal of bells in Wales. They exist in conjunction with ongoing reforms to The Church in Wales, including the aim to utilise every form of modern communication available to engage an estranged population.

Most contemporary communication methods use algorithms to interpret data and in a similar way, bellringers use algorithms to sequence their ringing. These functions are integrated into the globalised infrastructure of communication and defy visualisation in almost as elusive a way as the abstract entities to which Religion attaches such high value. They are observable only in the diagrams which attempt to explain the invisible subjects of their practice.

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