Beyond all hope.

vladimir nosalskiy


In this photo series, I show the decline of universal and family values in the modern society. At the first sight, what meets the eye is an average family, living in a house. However, the most important element here is details. The main accent is a house (private property) that is in focus of the camera (most important value) while the family figures are blurred, (the importance of the family is blurred).

If we look closer, it becomes obvious that atmosphere in the family is full of pain and ignorance. Father seats on a chair in a closed pose, showing with all his body that he does not want all that, while his wife stands still near him in silence and indifference. Mother, his wife, holds purse in her hand while her daughter wants to hold her hand. Parents show no reaction to the needs of each other as much as to the needs of their kid.

The drama of the situation emerges when the Universe trying to teach them a lesson sends the fire to their house. Still, they continue to show no connection between each other, no love, support or desire to live, cooperate and be a family even in the face of life danger. What can be more terrible then that? There is always a chance for everyone in the Universe full of prosperity and love. However, only people can decide whether to use the chance or skip it.

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