perishable territories

Lara Ovídio

2014 - Ongoing

Mexico City, Mexico

The years don’t concern me as much as the days, for these fit in any crevice. In order to look for the secret places of time, I craft maps, I gather samples of my existence, I work with actions, I observe the accumulating of things, I collect the worthless, and I scrutinize everyday life, time and again.

From this investigation, the first images of Perishable Territories (Territórios Perecíveis) were born. At times a registry of my search for the days gone by; at others a collection of remains of a small slice of a life. Shreds of a mundane existence that, beyond understanding, invite us into narratives.

A piece of work that tries to find the unique shapes of time within the dialogue between photography, poetry, objects, and performance. Images that deny a linear disposition, that elect their own movement, and that ask to be arranged in a constellation which allows them to open into infinite pathways, multiple fictions, and mobile senses.

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