Claire Clelia Baldo

2017 - Ongoing

Venice, Veneto, Italy; Paris, Île-de-France, France

The title refers to the shooting time, which takes place between 30 and 40 seconds.

In this work, I question the identity that is transformed through the deformations of the movement. The body, the being is no longer known or recognized, it becomes something else.

Does identity exist or it simply reflect what we believe to be? Who we are in that moment in the game of masks? Of course, the beginning of an answer lies in the many facets that we hide and secretly belong to us.

Between Venice and Paris I had the opportunity to photograph artists who lent themselves to the game of this project. Painters, writers, photographers, video artists, sculptors, performers...

Each photograph is first and foremost a human encounter, but above all an exchange.

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  • Fabrizio Plessi

  • Carlos Cruz-Diez

  • Miguel Chevalier

  • Catherine Ikam

  • Toto Bergamo-Rossi

  • Paolo De Grandis

  • Patrice Bouvier

  • Piero Viti

  • Hubert Haddad

  • Sara Simeoni

  • Penzo+Fiore

  • Aliska Lahusen

  • Bernard Dumercher

  • Antonio Martinelli

  • Ben-Ami Fihman

  • Serge Kantorowicz