Floating nightmares



Luanda, Angola

Is a photo series that questions the future of slavery and human trafficking in dystopian

fiction style. In this imagined near future, smugglers infect refugees with a virus that, makes

them disconnect emotionally and physically from the belief that they have the power to

physically show resistance when held captive. The outbreak of the virus questions the

soaring death toll of refugees in the Mediterranean sea and the future of the refugee policies

in Europe and Africa. Physically the fictional virus positions the body as an object of

construction and production by destabilising the identity of the victim. The virus makes its

victims insensitive to physical pain and mental slavery. The resistance of the refugees is

paradoxically derived from its mental resistance to accept slavery while the body is being

dehumanised by its captors. Floating Nightmares uses the human body to portray the social,

economic and political impact of the refugee crisis and the rise of human trafficking as an

uncontrolled growing epidemic.

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  • "Lola Keyezua (Angola, 1988) has a mission. With her art she tries to change prejudices. About Africa, for example, about the subordination of women, and about how we view people with physical disabilities as inferior."