Kenta Nakamura



What will death bring to us?

My grandmother (Sugako Nakamura) passed away in May 2018. Fortunately it was a peaceful death, so it was a gentle funeral.

A month after that, I did a solo exhibition at Omotesando Hills in Tokyo. Many people saw a picture of my grandmother for the main visual as without being conscious of whether she was alive or dead.

It was a very magical experience for me.

Generally, we usually try to distract our eyes from death. So I attempted to shorten the sense of distance with death.

These pictures are traces of them.

Kenta Nakamura

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  • Snow Silver (2012)

  • Sugako in her school days

  • Parent's Day (2017)

  • Sugako and primary school children (2009)

  • Sugako's twin sons (2017)

  • Boat tours in Yanagawa (1988)

  • Rondo (for baby to sleep)

  • Sugako and her granddaughter (2016)

  • Fake orgens

  • She is in hospital (2017)

  • Sunflowers (2013)

  • Sugako and me 1 (2018)

  • Sugako and me 2 (2018)

  • A man at her funeral (2018)

  • Mt.Kawara-dake (2018)

  • Nakamura family at her funeral (2018)

  • A splicing chamber (2018)

  • A crematorium (2018)

  • Omotesando Hills in Tokyo (2018)

  • Sugako's twin sons in 1950's