Beauty Sick

Kate Fim

2017 - Ongoing

We live in the culture that defines women by their looks. As a photographer and a mother of two teens girls I see everyday how beauty culture pushes young girls to fit its standards. Body becomes a collection of parts for others to evaluate. Women internalized the message that women's bodies are for looking, not for doing. Women tend to view their bodies as a series of pull-apart components that need to be altered or fixed. They experience their bodies as a series of disappointments. My worry is not that beauty is a part of our life. My pain is that it plays oversized role. As a results, we women suffer psychologically and become distracted from things that matter more than how we look. Relationship, work, values, sense of meaning - all matter more than how we look. It impossible to quantify the amount of mental resources women lose to body monitoring. The problem with having your body in your mind is that it takes away you mind from other things that we care about more than beauty.

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