The land where the sun was born

Julien Lombardi

2017 - Ongoing

San Luis Potosí, Mexico

The land where the sun was born is a project that documents the fragile existence of a sacred land in a global world.

Landlocked in a desert valley in central Mexico, Wirikuta is a place of pilgrimage and worship for the Huichols Indians. From the Conquista to the industrial era, this territory opened up to new communities without losing its integrity or its spiritual vocation. Now, these lands are the object of all lusts and they are the scene of a struggle in which irreconcilable conceptions of the world confront each other.

Instead of taking sides for one or the other, my mains intentions to work are summed up here in one question : How could we imagine a future together without understanding how we built our current time ?

After two years of investigation, my project proposes a polyphonic and speculative narrative on how cultures, beliefs, economic activities and relationships with nature coexist in this very special place. With photographs, videos and all kinds of documents that I could scan, I wish to experience the possible dialogues between the imaginaries and the sensitivities that shape this sacred land on a daily basis.

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