Detroit's Wisest Generation


2018 - Ongoing

The wisdom of wise, the world may change, but lessons learned by those who've been around for a very long time can't be underestimated.

Detroit’s Wisest Generation is a visual narrative of remarkable seniors who have lived through the good and the bad with a relentless spirit and faith in Detroit’s comeback.

The Wisest Generation is an ongoing project of mine including audio featuring a number of urban legends of Motown, gospel music and others in the entertainment business. They also also include entreprenuers, spiritual leaders, social and political activist who raised children, practiced their craft and made their mark in the city and, in their communities.

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  • Sandy Stacey, 91 years old. Former owner of Michigan Shortening Company in Detroit's Eastern Market.

  • Sandy at his home, a one bedroom apartment in a Jewish senior center.

  • Charles Rayford, 75 years old. Retired from Ford Motor Car Company and as a cartographer in the Air Force.

  • Charles and wife Lillian (74 ) outside their tudor-style home in Detroit's west side.

  • Harriet (84) and Al Saperstein, (89) years old. Community activists and active supporters of the Detroit Riverfront begin the day with a head massage.

  • Dorothy Aldridge 71 years old. Civil Rights organizer and community activist seen at a neighborhood tour of historic sites around the city. Caught in a pensive moment while conducting a tour of Detroit's Belle Isle. Her shirt reads, Unarmed & Free Unafraid.

  • Olaymi Dabls 81 years old. Artist, philosopher and educator of African-American Art & Culture and owner of Dabls Bead Museum of African Art. Dabls was arranging a some glass and metal in this portrait within one of his art installations.

  • Dabls contemplates his art installation arrangement which faces a major highway leading to the city.

  • Lee Canady, 84 years old. Former businessman and owner of Lee's Monroe Music downtown Detroit.

  • Lee riding his motorized scooter through Detroit's Historic Brush Park.

  • Lee riding his motorized scooter through Detroit's Eastern Market.

  • Nina Rodriguez, (74) years old. Retired Sister of St. Joseph, with Adi Abraham (75), a volunteer organizer at the Freedom House at St. Anne's Church in southwest Detroit.

  • Adi stands beside a statue outside St. Anne's Church touching a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  • Rosalind Ashford 74 years old. Motown's original singer of the Vandellas. Though she has broken off with head singer Martha Reeves, she still performs at various venues across the country and in the UK where Motown music is the rage.

  • Ursula contemplates the progress of her corn crop.

  • Vince (75) and Ursula (74) Murray, community activists and preservationists of Southwest Detroit's Hubbard Farms neighborhood attends to their neighborhood community garden in Stanton Park a community in Southwest Detroit.

  • Thomas Kelly 105 years old - Lead singer for the gospel group, Masters of Harmony.

  • Thomas in his east side home discusses his time serving in the Army during both WWI and WWII.

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