Published on 13th January 2019


  • LaShawnda; Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • LaShawnda visits her mother and sisters at their home in north Milwaukee; Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Reign playing with her aunties, Tyroniccia and Tyrianna; Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • Surrounded by family, LaShawnda's Mother, Jacqueline, braids JuJu's hair; Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • JuJu; Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • LaShawnda suffers from depression and migraine headaches; Green Bay Wisconsin

  • Fried noodles; Green Bay Wisconsin

  • 9:00 am pickup to bring Reign to day care; Green Bay Wisconsin

  • Late night ER visit for the flu; Green Bay Wisconsin

  • University Avenue Market; Green Bay Wisconsin

  • I love you, Mommy Green Bay Wisconsin

  • Family Photo in Milwaukee; Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Reign; Green Bay Wisconsin


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