Published on 30th September 2019


  • Kayla and her mother, Lisa, wait for me to release the turtle. Marinette, WI 2015

  • The site of the now demolished hospital I lived in. Green Bay, WI 2015

  • Bedtime story with Kayla. Green Bay, WI 2015

  • Justin stayed with us for a few weeks after he left the hospital. New Franken, WI 2016

  • One of many late nights at the laundromat. Green Bay, 2015

  • Kayla and I visiting Justin at the hospital two days after he was hit by a car. Green Bay, WI 2015

  • Taking Justin to see his doctor. Ashwaubenon, WI 2016

  • The cold November night we found ourselves stranded until the end of the year. Green Bay, WI 2015

  • One of Kayla's frequent headaches. Green Bay, WI 2015

  • Kayla on Wednesday Morning. New Franken, WI 2015

  • Thifty Last Supper. Green Bay, WI 2015

  • Having coffee with Kayla. Green Bay, WI 2016

  • Christmas breakfast with my stepdad, Pete, and his fiance, Lana and Kayla. Green Bay, WI 2015

  • Evening drive with Justin and Kayla. Green Bay, WI 2016

  • A man prays at the chapel where the Virgin Mary appeared in 1859. Champion, WI 2016

  • Bathtub Madonna, Kayla. New Franken, WI 2016

    • Explicit Content
  • Kayla and her mother's Hello Kitty. Marinette, WI 2015

  • The first blizzard of the winter. New Franken, WI 2015


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