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Landscape, Fine Art

Daymare is a visual poem about a break-up with beloved person suffering from mental illness

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Gábina, 34 years, is a mother of four children, unemployed, gamester, drug addict and prostitute.

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Windows of Chanov, one of the gypsy ghettos in Czech Republic.

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Popik, 42 years, is a small-time, unemployed and drug addict.

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Chanov is a small settlement site on the edge of Most district and one of the Roma ghettos in Czech Republic.

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Portrait, Social Issues, Documentary

"The Ghetto" in an ongoing project about living in a Roma ghetto in the area of the former state of Czechoslovakia. The aim of the project is to bring a message about how is the life inside of the socially excluded community, so through the optics of an insider.

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