Street View Portraits

Jacqui Kenny

2016 - Ongoing

City of London, England, United Kingdom

I live with agoraphobia which makes travel very difficult for me. To counter this, I roam the globe via Google Street View, giving me the opportunity to look for undiscovered moments of magic in the world.

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  • Atacama Region, Chile

  • Baganuur, Mongolia

  • Durango, Mexico

  • Tanaka, Peru

  • Esperanza, Sonora, Mexico

  • Zottegem, Flanders, Belgium

  • Bishkek, Chuy Province, Kyrgyzstan

  • Arequipa, Peru

  • Arequipa_Peru

  • St. Louis_Senegal

  • Sharjah_United Arab Emirates

  • Sharjah_United Arab Emirates

  • Sun City, Arizona, United States

  • Quilmana District, Lima Region, Peru

  • San Juan de Marcona_ Peru

  • Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

  • Casa Grande, Arizona, United States

  • Cajamarca, Peru

  • Cabanillas, Puno, Peru

  • Winslow, Arizona, United States

  • Arizona City_Arizona_United States

  • Ulaanbaater, Mongolia

  • Tembladera, Cajamarca, Peru

  • Sun City, Arizona, United States