Isadora's Stories


Stardust / polvo de estrellas

Daily Life, Fine Art, Documentary

Mascarilla, Chota Valley, Ecuador, South América. Legends and magic take place in the small town full of whispers.

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Social Issues, Nature & Environment, Documentary

Ra’yi (which means seed in the Guaraní language) is a photographic and multimedia project that portrays, in a subjective and symbolic manner, the peasants who fight the inequality of agricultural business in Paraguay.

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Chalchiutlicue (the water godess)

The Chalchiutlicue photographic series is a visual exploration inspired by the oral

memory of the inhabitants of Alvarado and Tlacotalpan, Mexico. Based on a tenth

poetry piece made especially for this project by Porfirio Rosado, a 70 year old

Tlacotalpean poet.

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