She Hunts

Ingerid Jordal

2017 - Ongoing


«Before my very first moose hunt, I was nervous. In fact, I hoped to never even see a moose. Then I wouldn’t have to make the decision to pull the trigger. When I eventually shot my first one last fall, I was surprised by my own determination. I charged my weapon, found a good shooting position, aimed, and fired. Completely focused. But I totally lost it afterwards.»

- Mia, 28, moose hunter

This project started with me seeing a photograph of a friend on facebook. She stood widelegged over a large reindeer buck she just had shot. The wind was tussling her hair, some blood was splattered on her clothes, and she had a great smile and a firm grip of the animals antlers. She was heavily pregnant. This image powerfully challenged my perception of women’s identity. I therefore set off on an exploration to understand what it means to be a woman hunter.

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