Inside out

Harris Mizrahi

2015 - Ongoing

United States

I began working on “Inside Out” as an excuse for escape. Battling Bipolar Disorder with its deep depression and seductive mania, I would drive as far as I could from home before tiring, much of the time with no intention of returning. Sometimes I might stay on the road for a week, sometimes a couple of months and other times I could travel hundreds of miles only to return right back home that same day. Emotional exhaustion, whether healthy or not still proves to be an essential ingredient in the making of many of these photographs.

The trips were intended as are a form of therapy, but instead, long periods of isolation and sleep deprivation only heightened the extremes of my disorder. Those feelings of lassitude and emotional despair trickle through the entirety of the project. I was looking for friendship as much as I was photographs. That intense vulnerability and want to be accepted allowed me to sympathize with and photograph the people I met with honesty, empathy and an intimacy not typically awarded to strangers.

Although they may be created with honest intention these photographs are not factual nor are they intended to be. They ride a line between fantasy and reality never quite falling to either side of that line. At times the work may appear to resemble documentary photography but it is important to remember that these photographs are as much a document of the photographer's manic depression as they are a document of the people they depict.The end result is a story of a place and people that do not truly exist outside of these photographs.

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  • The Conversation

  • Grayson

  • Jayden, Lynn, and Bentley

  • Adam and David

  • Kim

  • Dee

  • Princess

  • Dennis

  • Bone, Ball, Shoe

  • Toni

  • Jordan

  • Dave

  • Adam's Freezer

  • Scott

  • Bed at The Stardust Ranch

  • John

  • Marcus

  • Derek