Le Grand Voyage

Helena Blomqvist

2012 - Ongoing

"Le Grand Voyage"

In this imagesuite, young humans, animals and monsters, interact in a philosophical reflection of living conditions of today. The children float through dreamy landscapes with different animals as companjons. In this slumberland world the children possess unexpected capacities, defeats their fears and embarks on a journey towards the unknown.

The images show sequences from childrens nightly dreams, reflected from my own children´s dreams and nightmares.

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  • "The Enchanting Forest"

  • "Drift Off"

  • "A Brilliant View"

  • "Drowsy Ride"

  • "Marbles"

  • "Red Socks"

  • "Scout with Koalas"

  • "The Forest Theatre"

  • "Swamp Boy"

  • "The Floating Girl"

  • "La Mer"

  • "Le Grand Voyage"

  • "Boy with Godzilla"