My Grandmothers Closet

Anita Petra Hamremoen

2010 - 2019

"My grandmothers closet"

My grandmother, Jenny, was born in Norway in 1920 and died at the age of 90 in 2010. She was a sweet and kind woman who raised seven children together with my grandfather. She was a farmers wife and she absolutely loved to put on beautiful clothes. When I was a little girl one of my favourite things was to visit my grandmothers house and to spend time in the attic where all sorts of clothes from her and all my aunts would be stored away. I spent hours up there, dreaming and making up stories and dressing up in all sorts of beautiful dresses. And these are some of my best memories.

After she died I was curious about her closet and what was left there finding myself drawn back to the memories from my childhood. I found clothes I have never seen her wear, things not worn for decades while others were threadbare and tattered from years of wear. I also wanted to photograph her actual closet, her room and in her house. Things left just as it was on her last day of living. The lamp, not adjusted. Her bedroom window where she will never again stand in front of. Little photographs on her bedside table. Reminders of her life and memories that will otherwise be forgotten when time passes.

After selecting everything I asked my cousin, with whom I share the same grandmother, to join me in this project to capture some memories from a life lived and enjoyed. Trying to give a glimpse into how vibrant and beautiful my grandmother was and also to pay tribute to women of all ages and the memories that we gather over a lifetime.

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  • The empty closet days after my grandmother died.

  • Memory from the house.

  • Dansing and remembering the joy.

  • The bag

  • Wallpaper love

  • As it was left

  • The Coat

  • All the dreams are now gone

  • My grandmothers window

  • We live on

  • Dreamer

  • The closet

  • Favourite dress

  • The lamp

  • All the rooms left in silence

  • Grandmothers bed

  • Memories

  • First Love

  • Annette

  • Jenny, my grandmother