Letters to Maria

Camila Vasconcellos

2018 - Ongoing

This essay is composed of notes, drafts in the form of photographs. It is an attempt to understand the needs not only of my daughter, but especially of my own as a mother. I felt oscillations between the contradictory feelings: pain and pleasure, frustration and satisfaction.

The images that make up this work are fragments of my intimate, familiar life that I use to understand myself as a person, as a woman, as a mother. These photographs are frames of a film: another work of mine that also portrays motherhood ("LETTERS TO MARIA" - MINI DOC 10 '). Frames and phrases have been extracted from the original narrative of the film to compile this draft of uneasiness. In these images I find my doubts, fears, longings, desires, frustrations. I see this essay as a foreword of my complex discovery of being a mother.

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