About Giorgio


Born 1990 in Rome, Italy. He studied photography at Centro

Sperimentale di Fotografia A. Adams and he learned Darkroom and Printing Techniques wor king with some master printer s in Italy.

He star ted in 2011 a research about the materials and languages of photography studying the relationship between the technical process and the content of the images.

The education experiences continue with the selection for the Reflexion Masterclass and the Wor ld Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass whew he focuses and develops interactive projects through the experimentation of different printing processes.

In 2012 he self-published the limited edition ar tist book "The Arab Revolt", which is mentioned in "The Photobook. A Histor y. Vol. III" by Mar tin Parr and Gerr y Badger and in 2013 he hasbeen selected by British Journal of Photography for "Ones to Watch".

His projects have been exhibited in several festivals and events in Europe. He currently works and lives in Rome.

Age 29
Nationality Italian
Born in Rome, Italy
Based in Rome, Italy
Languages spoken English, Italian

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Current Location: Rome, Italy



The Arab Revolt


The Iceberg