Published on 14th June 2016

Gaza BlackOut

  • Gaza, Easter Khaza'a. Khuza'a Street.

  • Middle Shejiya. Near the market.

  • Beit Hanoun, Bura. Thunderstorm close to the buffer-zone.

  • Gaza City, waiting in a barber shop in Al Shate'e Camp in a late winter afternoon.

  • Gaza City, gas station in Al Mina Square, Omar Al Mukhtar street.

  • Gaza City, Al Shejaeya, Al Mansura street.

  • Gaza City, Al Shejaeya, Al Mansura street.

  • Gaza City, eastern Al Shejaeya, Al Mansura street.

  • Beit Hanoun. The writer Banksy headed into gaza trough illegal tunnels network, a few months after the last war, to drawn his graffities. This one is in Bura. A neighborhood right next to the border.

  • Shejaiya, Islamic Jihad check point at the entrance for Morabetin area. Morabetin in english means "the fighters who guard the borders".

  • Eastern Shejaiya. Shrapnels signs from the operation "Protective Edge".

  • Gaza City, Al Shejaeya, Al Mansura street.

  • Gaaza City, Al Nafaq Street.

  • Shejaiya, Morabetin area. This is the commander Al Jabari's family house. He was an important Al Qassam brigades commander that was killed by israreli's drone strikes when he was driving his car in 2012. In this area there is a big network of tunnels that made this neighborhood one of the most hitted areas - with Beit Hanoun and Kuza'a - during the last operation "Protective Edge". Air strikes completely destroyed most of the neighborhood. For 4 days was impossible to enter in Shejaiya

  • Eastern Khuza'a. "Al Jidar", "the wall". This is the last house before the buffer zone. Isarel's lights can be seen on the background; it's prohibited any contruction and any tree or cultivation in the last 1500 meters from the border all around the Strip.

Gaza BlackOut

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