Environmentally conscious

bruna ginammi

2018 - 2020

The artist has been working on the theme of plastic since 2018.

Between visions and reality, look through one of the best known environmental issues of our century.

Animals, humans, and nature are subjugated by the beauty and versatility of an eternal material.

In the work of Bruna Ginammi, there is a silent reflection but at the same time in every image, there is an appeal to awareness.

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  • Brera Accademy
    the lion in art is caught by plastic 's wave

  • I go into the wood

  • Selfportrait
    Every year thousands of birds are killed by soft plastic

  • Rimini
    plastic tree

  • Etrenity Selfportrait
    our clothes are made of plastic

  • Rimini
    veiled boat

  • Selfportrait
    breathe free from single use plastic

  • Still alive
    the food we eat it is wrapped in plastic

  • Rosarno Reggio Calabria
    some houses are made with plastic