Asking the Birds for Forgiveness (demander pardon aux oiseaux)

Gaëlle Abravanel


The series is presented like a haiku, and earth photographs forms the entire poem.

This work evokes the devastating ecological circumstances due to heavy metal emissions, fluorides, hydrocarbons... The environmental devastation operates continuously on water, land and air. It destroys plant and animal life and seriously endangers human health.

How can we express in a visual and symbolic way that nature must be respected, protected and cared for? This implies showing man's "double impulse" towards the Earth, meaning his violence exerted on nature as well as his slow ecological awareness.

To do this, I transform nature into a damaged landscape, degraded by various manipulations by using heavy metals and other pollutants. The violence of the contamination of my gestures is followed in some photographs by the repair of nature thanks to gold pigments (symbolic replicas inspired by Kintsugi) and indigo blue (antidote to mercury and arsenic). The manual and tactile contact of gold and indigo allows a "care" gesture towards Mother Earth. It unifies humans with the landscape so that nature can regain it's rights and ecosystems can be restored.

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