Published on 15th September 2017

Venezuela: Blurred in despair

  • A kite flies on top of Petare, the biggest "barrio" (slum) in Caracas and second largest in Latin America on March 2016. Kids have the tradition of flying kites inside the barrios of my city.

  • A woman looks up during a pro government rally in Caracas on May 2015 to celebrate the "workers day". On that day, the president Nicolás Maduro raises the monthly salary every year, to try to keep up with soaring inflation.

  • Three air force planes fly around Caracas during the celebration of the Venezuelan Idependence Day on July 5th military parade. While the east part of the city lives almost daily riots, the President Nicolás Maduro makes TV transmisions every week to show the support of the armed forces.

  • Two members of the militia, a "defense group" created by late President Hugo Chávez, during the commemoration of the third year anniversary of his death, on March 5th, 2017. Even though the country is going through a severe food crisis, the defense and military budget is 9 times the food budget.

  • A TV transmission of the armed forces during the military parade on Independence Day in Caracas, on July 5th.

  • On the left, an aerial view of Venezuela. On the right, a police shield with painting thrown by protesters.

  • A group of opposition supporters walk on a street after riot police threw tear gas to disperse the protesters. A protest wave against president Nicolás Maduro started in March 2017 and has left over 120 people killed.

  • Protesters look for protection from tear gas and rubber under a bridge during a confrontation with the National Guard on April 6, 2017 in Caracas.

  • Scenes from opposition demonstrations in Caracas.

  • A female security officer holds her shield after a man kicked her repeatedly on an opposition demonstration in Caracas on April 2st, 2017.

  • A girl looks inside her house throught the sheets that work as doors in Petare barrio, Caracas.

  • A group of late president Hugo Chávez's supporters pray to him in the first anniversary of his death. They gathered on a small chapel created in his name ("Santo Hugo Chávez", "Holly Hugo Chávez") after he died from cancer in 2013.

  • Marilyn Ochoa (28) covers her face in her house in San Cristóbal, close to the Colombian border, on February 5, 2017. She is the mother of a 5 year old who fights cancer in a country with 80% medicine shortage.

  • Left, a mortuary ornament in a cemetery at the Guajira desert, close to the Colombian border. Right, the legs of a young goat that was immobilized before being killed.

  • A group of people line up to buy one bag of rice per person in Caracas. That day, people were in the streets outside the store since 4 am, until a food truck arrived with rice. Only one per person is permitted.

  • A group of men take out the bread to distribute to local "CLAP" leaders after taking by force a bakery. The CLAP are chavistas comissions that administrate bags of food given by the State in the communities.

  • Kids play outside their houses in Petare slum, Caracas, on July 2017.
    A kid plays outside his house in Guaicaipuro neighborhood inside a slum.

  • Two dogs play over the grass in San Cristóbal, Venezuela.

  • Left, Marilyn Ochoa poses for a portrait in her house in San Cristóbal, close to the Colombian border. Right, light comes from a rotten roof in Petare

  • A garbage dump located in the outskirts of Caracas on July 6, 2016, where the families looking for food have increase in the past year do to the severe economic crisis and food shortage.

Venezuela: Blurred in despair

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