Yellow and Red Paper Performances

Frederic Crist

2016 - Ongoing

One Large piece of flat paper , a nude model, the folded paper, the nude model wrapped in the folded paper, paper as sculpture, nude model with paper as sculpt. The process, the evolution, the documentation, the photograph of the event, the photograph as a finished image as an act of the performance,

As a photographer I create situations or observe the process, waiting for a particular moment to capture that fleeting image and freeze time. This particular series” The Yellow & Red Paper Nudes” is about that activity, to study the paper forms, the models interaction with the paper and record a sculpture in process. Something that only exists in that time. Capturing the changes and development of the sculptural forms each one different from the next culminating in a series of images of a performance. There is no required result, only to record the evolution of the process.

The solo paper sculptures are an off spring or side effect of the initial idea. Thus adding to the evolution and documentary nature of this project.

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