Pedestal Series

Frederic Crist

2017 - Ongoing

A pedestal is a base or plinth upon which an object is paced, sits or stands. To be placed on a pedestal is to recognize an importance of the object. In historic architecture it was a place where sculpture resided. In many cases these sculptures were figurative, nude or clothed.

In this series, the pedestal serves as a prop or props to which the model must adapt, sit recline and stand within. Each image records the specific pose a model chooses to interact with the pedestals. In doing so there is much adjustment and thought with positioning of the objects,

to create a specific pose. Each pose is indicative to the individual model’s choice and reference.

Much like the documentary of a specific subject, event at a specific time and place. There is a flow that occurs from one pose to the next, though somewhat arbitrary, depending on the model’s approach. There are 2 constants, the black background and the white pedestals.

It is my approach to document each nude models interpretation to the situation at hand suggesting everything from eroticism, muscle structure, composition and beauty, in an isolated atmosphere. A performance the model carries out for a three hour period in which I direct and record the evolution. All the while working towards a print and or book to culminate the experience.

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