Here today

Emmi Kähkönen


I will tell my love story of the world’s most beautiful animal photographed in the most beautiful moment: here and now.

I believe in the power of being present. Photographing is presence for me. Fleeting moments seem rich in colour to me. The most beautiful moments are bathed in light.

The horse is a wonderful animal that combines strength and sensitivity. Its beauty speaks, its presence comforts, and its power moves.

I respect the stature of the horse, and I let the horse be present as a free animal.

When taking pictures, I have to be patient. I look forward to the right moment and encounter where the light fades in the lens and the horse accepts me. The horse gives me permission to take a picture and save that moment.

I have been living a love story with horses almost my whole life. Their uniqueness and sensitivity has taught me to see the beauty of the world. My equine photos are a love story of the world's most beautiful animal in the most beautiful moment: here and now.

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