My Special Baby

Emanuela Colombo


Initially widespread among art collectors, struck by the perfectionism with which they are made, Reborn Babies are now arrived in the cradles

of a huge number of “aspiring mothers” of all ages.

They are women who treat their dolls like real children, exchanging advice with the aim of growing them better. Women who contact nannies,

bring dolls to the doctor, feed them with real

baby food, use Nutella to simulate the poo.

The doll owners develop an extreme morbid attachment towards the latter, which leads them

to convince themselves and others (nanny, companion and potential pediatrician), to take care of them as if they were children of flesh and blood.

Reborn dolls are a deteriorated product of the times we live and of our fears, in many cases they represent a departure from real life with all that is negative.

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  • Tommy is 6 months old.
    He has 3 sisters who love him even though they are
    not much older than him.
    He always sleeps in bed with his mother and doesn’t like having strangers in the house.

  • Michele is 6 months old. He is a quiet child.
    At night he sleeps, eats with pleasure and smiles often.
    His mother no longer hoped to be able to have a baby since she is not so young but now that Michele is here, she and her partner are very happy.

  • Achille has just over a month.
    He is so nice that his mom spends hours watching him. During the night they sleep together in the double bed
    so when Achille wakes up because he is hungry his mother can nurse him almost continuing to sleep.

  • Andrea is 6 months old.
    She loves to sleep a lot and never makes whims. This is also the reason why her mother loves to take her always with her and never leaves her even with her grandmother.

  • The twins Kurt and Annie have 2 months. They were born with difficulty after a tiring pregnancy
    but now they are well and grow strong and healthy.
    Their mother had to buy everything double (stroller, cot, ..), it was a high expense but she is so happy to have them with her that she did it willingly.

  • Jamie & Janny are 6 months old. Their mother is Italian and their father is from Senegal.
    They look very much alike but their skin color is different.
    Jamie took it from mom and Janny from dad. Since they arrived mom and dad are happier.

  • Sara is 8 months old. Her mother is from the Dominican Republic but she
    has been in Italy for many years now.
    For a long time Sara’s mother has felt lonely but now that she has arrived she is happy.

  • Dorothy is 7 months old. She has 5 other little brothers and sisters but without
    any doubt she’s the mother’s favorite.
    Perhaps because she is really sweet and lovely. She loves being in bed with mom and dad very and being cuddled.

  • Marco has 3 months and is a real brat.
    He sleeps very little even at night and since his arrival his mother can no longer sleep a whole night. Despite this she really loves him very much and could never live without him.

  • Martina is 4 months old.
    It is sweet and delicate like a flower and her mother loves it with all her heart.

  • Sofia is 4 months old and her hair are the same color as her dad.
    Unfortunately he is no longer there but every time her mum looks at the baby she feels close to him a nd much less alone.

  • Antony is almost 11 months old.
    He manages to stand up straight and loves watching his
    mom from his high chair while she is cooking.
    His mom has to be careful because Antony often tries to get out of the high chair to go to her but once he fell down and got hurt a lot.

  • Anna is 5 months old, she is really a sweet and quiet child. She loves very much being hug and cuddled.
    For her mother who suffers from back pain is a little
    bit tiresome but to make her child happy she does not retreat. Soon Anna will have a little brother.

  • Matilde is 5 months old
    and her birth was very difficult.
    Perhaps this is why the child is very weak, often gets sick and her mother has to take her to the doctor frequently.

  • Tommy is almost 8 months old, he is very active and never stands still.
    He laughs constantly and he is always happy. His mom loves him for it.