About Elton



I was born in Vlore (Albania) in 1974.

I have been living and working in Rome since i was 18 and for the past ten years I have been part of the world of photography.

I have attended various photography schools and workshops including:

2007-2009 Diploma from Scuola Romana di Fotografia.

2009 Masterclass in photojournalism and reportage.

2010 Workshop with the photographer Lina Pallotta.

2011 Workshop with photo editor Christian Caujollle.

2012 Workshop with the photographer Morten Andersen.

2012 Residence at ISSP, Latvia.

2016 “Finding the narrative in your work” workshop with Joan Lifting.

2017 "Anatomy of a book" workshop with Yolanda Cuomo

2017 Workshop with Johannes Schwartz

My projects are focused towards both social and authorial reportage with a strong draw towards the intimate aspects.

Age 45
Nationality Albanian
Born in Vlorë, Albania
Based in Italy
Languages spoken Albanian, English, Italian
Specialisations Daily Life, Social Issues, Documentary

Other Networks

Current Location: Italy