O sei matto o sei morto

Elisa Villaverde


Turin, Piedmont, Italy

“You become a character here, or you’re crazy or you died at Cavallerizza.”

Iaiowski is a young popular artist inside the Cavallerizza Reale of Turin, and it is thanks to his words that this work takes shape, exploring this place as a mysterious place, sometimes disturbing, whit particular attention to the details inside. The entire area has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, and 5 years ago a group of citizens decided to occupy the complex to avoid its sale because it was considered a common good.

Since then, there have been several versions of this place. From voice to voice, these stories have led me to want to discover something more. I was curious to discover how I would be able to deal with the subject without being influenced by common opinion, but above all how I would be able to move away from my usually descriptive language to embrace a more metaphorical one.

“O sei matto o sei morto” weaves symbols present in this area with the rich human presence of the same enigmaticity, is a reflection on an ambiguous space, almost surreal.

In addition to taking pictures, I made a video and recorded some sounds to emphasize the strangeness of the place, in fact the music that accompanies the video comes from these recordings.

My intention is to restore that feeling of uncertainty present in the place through more or less explicit details, and to adopt a fragmented narrative line, composed of disturbing and unsettling elements, capable of conferring an enigmatic atmosphere.

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