Elin Berge

2017 - 2020

Sweden; Finland

The photo feature and book Awakening is an intimate and poetic depiction of a loosely organized awakening movement made up of women who believe in the return of a divine feminine power. They mean that our culture has oppressed the sacred feminine and disparaging women’s bodies and sexuality, making women forget their innate power. That it is time for all women to remember who they truly are and to heal, to be able to lead the way into a future of peace between people and balance between humans and the planet. The delicate photographs provide insight into a world where women engage in spiritual rituals, magic and sisterhood. This spiritual arena may appear peripheral, but in many ways it reflects its time. It shows women attempting to create new ways of understanding and embody femininity. An intense search for alternative ways to live.

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  • Shamanic Priestess Teresa

  • Goddess Ixchel

  • Helen

  • Menstrual Wisdom

  • Moon Circle

  • Grandmother Erena and participants

  • Mother Blessing

  • Closing Ceremony

  • Jacqui and Lumina

  • Menstrual Wisdom Worskhop

  • Fire Walk

  • The Devil

  • Aum and Jacqui