Exploring the Female Form

Elena Siretanu

2017 - Ongoing

Bristol, England, United Kingdom; Berlin, Germany

This collection of pictures exist for me in a world where everything had an aesthetic classical feminine touch. With this series of photographs I am aiming to portray a natural, photoshop-free depiction of the female body and girls. Simultaneously, questioning the limit between what we call, graphic content. Some of this photos might intimidate at first sight because we are inundated with images of women edited to perfection. I think the discomfort is a natural part of the normalising process. I think it is important to show the woman body in ways we are not used to seeing. I wanted to explore women sexuality and ways in which it can be expressed or brought to silence. The image of the body is usually covered, sexualised, or aestheticised. While I was developing this pictures, I have started thinking and questioning my authority in this situation. I don't think I have the right qualities to speak about these problems, but it made me think about how far I can and should go with my photographs in terms of ethics. I think it depends a lot on the relationship between the photographer and the subject. In my case, the women in this pictures are close friends of mine.

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