Body Editor

Ewa Doroszenko

2018 - Ongoing

Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

While the Internet can seem like a place disconnected from our physical worlds, much of the activity that occurs there deeply affects how we feel about things outside of it. Modern technology very often makes women dissatisfied with what they see in the mirror. Using different beauty apps, we could smooth out, contour our faces, whiten our teeth, add a few inches in height, make our eyes bigger, select different lips, and use many more of the options. You only need a few simple steps, then you can get a perfect body! See how you would look after cosmetic surgery and increase your beauty! The editor is fantastic, simple and it is only virtual.

In this series, I try to challenge our trust in digitally constructed imagery in the context of our post-photographic era. The images are inspired by the failures and bugs in beauty apps, where unnatural bodies distort. I have used photography as a starting point, alongside digital tools to create contorted images that are inspired by my conflicting attraction and aversion to images of beautiful women. Key in my body of work is the process of experimentation which showcases our obsession with virtual facades. I employ many methods of image making - from taking photographs of the scene to digitally manipulating those photos.

My work is both a critique and celebration of ongoing progress in contemporary technology and culture. I try to comment on our society, the notion of female identity, virtual alter-ego, and self-improvement. Digitally edited images can serve as aspirational fantasies and occasionally they even can have a positive impact – when they are just effects of joyful entertainment. But is the game in which your body is a battleground can be truly enjoyable?

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