Andrea Guedella

2020 - Ongoing



As a child, I used to hear about war, civil wars, African hunger, etc.

I thought that could never happen to me,

Simply because I´d resort to my body.

With the pandemic situation and the primitive reactions worldwide,

like the frantic purchasing of food, toilet paper, etc.,

Those childhood feelings returned.

The fear to die, or die of hunger, sustenance

And the caring of the body as a vessel of life and survival.

I prepared my plan: “victuals”

Retouched photographies of my body

Transformed in food and necessary object to survive.

Additional Notes:

Digital photography with intervention.

Self-portrait work of some of my body parts, as pieces of provisions or food necessary to survive.

A different way of reinterpreting the body as a conceptual and photographic object, in the face of uncertainty and instinctive awakening of survival in isolation.

Also my feminine way to feel as a fresh product or a nutritive meal to think in a deep way what happen today with the necessity and hunger of health worldwide..

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