"Endangered Species" Series

Andrea Guedella

2020 - Ongoing

For obvious reasons, in the current world context "humans" are the threatened species.

See the news about changes in climate and the close presence of animals, feel that they are beginning to approach, recovering their space without fear, that the waters of Venice are no longer cloudy, listen from the confinement and differentiate the different sounds and songs of birds that we barely perceived in normal times ...

These animals come to observe us. Paradoxically we are all caged in our caves, windows, nests ...homes.

I reflect on the time and respect that we did not give to the nature of which we are part. That is why my series.

I characterize self-portraits that appear around the close human environment. Different beings, playful, tender, fabled, sensitive, who are close and for something.

“The birds sing and fly freely and approach our homes”.

The endangered species is us, humans.

Andrea Guedella

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