'You Were Stuck And I Became Your Eyes'

Dimitri D'ippolito


Livorno, Tuscany, Italy

A wish

to fill up your dreams

and give faces and voices

to the breezes flowing through the window

A therapeutic process to accept a truth. A process to accept that who was once seen as an indestructible giant is actually human. A process to accept that the person who has always protected us, might now be in need of our protection. I created a dream for my mother. I’ve created a place where she can go when she needs protection. Something she could substitute with the bad memories of last summer.

In 2019 I had to accept that my mother is ageing and that her health is a bit of a rollercoaster. This work is a present for her but it is also a process I had to undertake to accept things that until last year had never even touched my mind. I like to think of the work also as a present to all the people who need a dream, or at least, I’d like to think that I could lend this dream to anyone, to whoever might need it.

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