Daniela Muttini

2017 - Ongoing

The shapes that we mold ourselves into can sometimes be absurd, transforming our features into almost mask like costumes. This is not a bad thing. Theatrics bring zest to ruts and lies can be the tact that blunts a truth too cruel to bear. I vote that we present ourselves like peacocks, even when there is no audience to bear witness. I have never allowed myself to step too far out of reality, though. To let go of that grasp would be to acknowledge the impossibility of the fantasy. But if it's just a hair outside the ordinary—a misplaced feeling, the colors too pronounced—then the possibilities are endless. Real life could suddenly go in unexpected ways. The unspoken rules, the invisible bonds, they have no hold over us anymore, and the mischievous defiance of them becomes what’s most interesting part of everyday life. And if we can throw the house rules out the window, then why not play? We should never forget to play, because if we do, then what’s the point?

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